Abs Wrap Neoprene

Product Code: BB-02

​Available Sizes: Universal, XXL (8” & 10”)


  • To hold and protect the surgical incisions

  • As a corset, does not peep inside the clothes

  • Post operative care especially cases involving caution with rib cage expansion,

  • A general tummy trimmer to reduce waistline

  • Post pregnancy & toning

  • In umbilical and ventral hernia



Neoprene fabric enhances the aesthetic value of the product besides, its high durability quotient ensures increased functional life and sustainability.

Highly perforated neoprene fabric provides excellent comfortable support, air ventilation, features sweat absorption and patient compliance even after wearing for long hours.

Apart from aiding in weight loss, it can also improve posture and tone abs.

Broad front panel wrap closure system in this belt allows unique kind of impeccable size adjustability which permits good grip and easy removal.

On top of all, aceCure Abs wrap provides universal sizing i.e. one size fits most.