Contoured Cervical Pillow

Product Code: CB-03

​Available Sizes: Universal


  • In cases of cervical spondylosis

  • To alleviate back pain and stress at muscle

  • For correct posture during sleep

  • As a prophylactic aid against cervical problems

  • In hospitals/chiropractors and on daily basis.



aceCure contoured pillow has unique design of different heights on two sides which provides therapeutic support to different sizes of the neck, maintains the hyperextended
position furthering helping to sleep in healthy position.

Contoured design of the pillow allows comfortable support to the neck muscle & ligament with firmness & resilience.

Combined with softness and comfort, it maintains an optional spinal alignment and good for back and side sleepers.

On top of all, this pillow comes with an easily removable cover which can be washed and cleaned at ease, hence promoting hygiene as well.