Knee Hinge Brace (Drytex)

Product Code: KB-02

​Available Sizes: Universal, XXL


  • Arthritic pain

  • Delay surgery

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee

  • Ligaments or tendon injury

  • Post-operative knee support

  • Elderly patients

  • Offloader(bears body weight in weak knee)

  • Patello-femoral injuries

  • ACL, PCL and MCL recovery

  • Stabilization of weak knees

  • Prevention of sports injuries




This knee hinge brace has been the industry leading wrap. Easy to use comfortable brace helps in the treatment of mediolateral instability.

​Four way stretchable drytex fabric offers comfortable compression & no bucking which promotes anti-tourniquet effect at the site of wear.

​The brace ensures high level of heat retention for quick recovery along with feature of stretchability, dermophillic grip and immobilisation to the patient.

​Bi-axial heavy duty steel hinge ensures full weight bearing and free flexion movement. In addition, brace comes in wrap around design which makes it easier for the patient to wear and remove.

​Silicone ring in the patellar region not only provides grip, proprioception and support to the patella but also increases the level of comfort and patient compliance.

Lightweight and comfortable, accommodates both left and right knee.